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ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), Volume 4 Issue 3, July 2010

A large-scale study on map search logs
Xiangye Xiao, Qiong Luo, Zhisheng Li, Xing Xie, Wei-Ying Ma
Article No.: 8
DOI: 10.1145/1806916.1806917

Map search engines, such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, and Microsoft Live Maps, allow users to explicitly specify a target geographic location, either in keywords or on the map, and to search businesses, people, and other information of that...

Modeling web quality using a probabilistic approach: An empirical validation
Ghazwa Malak, Houari Sahraoui, Linda Badri, Mourad Badri
Article No.: 9
DOI: 10.1145/1806916.1806918

Web-based applications are software systems that continuously evolve to meet users' needs and to adapt to new technologies. Assuring their quality is then a difficult, but essential task. In fact, a large number of factors can affect their...

Privacy-preserving query log mining for business confidentiality protection
Barbara Poblete, Myra Spiliopoulou, Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Article No.: 10
DOI: 10.1145/1806916.1806919

We introduce the concern of confidentiality protection of business information for the publication of search engine query logs and derived data. We study business confidentiality, as the protection of nonpublic data from institutions, such as...

Exploring XML web collections with DescribeX
Mariano P. Consens, Renée J. Miller, Flavio Rizzolo, Alejandro A. Vaisman
Article No.: 11
DOI: 10.1145/1806916.1806920

As Web applications mature and evolve, the nature of the semistructured data that drives these applications also changes. An important trend is the need for increased flexibility in the structure of Web documents. Hence, applications cannot rely...

Discovery of latent subcommunities in a blog's readership
Brett Adams, Dinh Phung, Svetha Venkatesh
Article No.: 12
DOI: 10.1145/1806916.1806921

The blogosphere has grown to be a mainstream forum of social interaction as well as a commercially attractive source of information and influence. Tools are needed to better understand how communities that adhere to individual blogs are...